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p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created

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p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created Empty p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created

Post  markhoppus on Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:16 pm


I would like to say a few words. For one, I'm sorry for the incident in ventrilo. I never should have unbanned mulletman. That was my first mistake of the night.

This is what really happened.

Mulletman xfired me asking to be unbanned saying that he was 1week banned by Junzou and that the ban hadn't yet been lifted. I asked him why he was banned and he told me it was because he called Junzou Jewzo. At first I thought this was somewhat silly of a reason to ban someone for, but then I remembered mulletman was banned a long time ago for becoming somewhat of a douche bag on vent. This was after the time when we had access to an ISP database that he used to knock people's internet out, like St. George after confessing he had dos'ed our zombie server.

After a little while I decided to unban him hoping he wouldn't turn out to be a douche bag again, and wow, this time I was wrong. We chatted a little bit and he informed me of certain type of database that the police and FBI use in their day-to-day activities which he, mulletman, had access to. All he needed was a first and last name to do the bring up addresses, phone numbers, the last 5 digits of social security numbers. At first I thought, wow, how cool would this be to try out and maybe call up some uv members, but then he started bragging about it and so I started to not believe him. Cause I mean, that's some serious shit he has his hands on.

So I decided we would try it out on Zeus (Mr Clickerson), knowing full-well Zeus wouldn't be so dumb as to give us his real name, but a name of someone close by to where he lives that has already been made public knowledge (Kansas City, MO). I asked Zeus for his real name and he gave me the fake and I gave it to mulletman. Mullet was able to find the name with two addresses both in Kansas City, MO, with a zip and phone numbers. At this point I confirmed the information that mulletman gave me with Zeus over Xfire. It turned out that the fake name was of someone who may or may not be a friend of Zeus.

After this I told Mulletman to not spread the information out and in a goofy expression, reluctantly promised not to do so. This was lie #1 by Mulletman. After going afk for a little while after this, I came back to see mulletman had left the leader's Lounge channel where only him and I were discussing the database, and instead down with kyle, shippo and a few others. I moved down into their channel and overheard mulletman bragging again about his ability to find people's addresses and such. He was talking funny most of the time and even I enjoyed the conversation we were all having.

What happened next was my second mistake of the night. Mulletman wanted to look up kyle's and so I played along too, somewhat hinting at Kyle by asking him questions about his mom's last name and such. This was stupid and what happened next was even stupider. I don't know why, but I decided to give mulletman the name of Kyle's Mom since Kyle still lives with his parents. However, and this is a key point in my defense, I told mulletman NOT to spread it with ANYONE but myself. Ofc he didn't listen and a few minutes later I heard that Shippo or someone else had called Zeus's fake phone number and Kyle too. I then heard that Kyle had decided to quit the clan. At that point I raged at mulletman, banned him from vent, and continued yelling at him on Xfire.

From here on out the shit started hitting the fan with, as usual, Zeus (Mr. Clickerson) leading the charge. I started posting in kyle's topic trying to rationalize the situation and reason with him, which was more than impossible knowing I had already made stupid decisions that evening. After a few posts back and forth with Mr. Clickerson, I couldn't mediate the damage any more and for some odd, stupid reason, I elected to "hide" the kyle leaving thread by soft deleting it after locking. I know I only meant to lock it, but I really don't remember what was going through my head when I was choosing to delete the topic. I mean it has been YEARS since I've ever deleted a topic on our forums, YEARS...

After that mulletman made a second topic quickly which I deleted too and then I went to bed.

In the morning everyone was mad at me because Defiance made me out to be a coward amongst the community, which was entirely accurate because I was a coward for trying to cover up my mistakes. With this new proxy-created username and topic, along with Zeus once again leading the charge to have me impeached, I had nothing really to say for some time. I decided to not reply to the topic knowing full-well anything I said wouldn't do anything to help the situation. I needed to step back, think about what had happened, converse with my colleges over my situation, and then wait.

What I can tell you all now is that the majority of you hate me for giving out private information, even though I tried desperately to reason with my co-leaders as to how I didn't breach our personal information policy. I've come to reason with myself that I did indeed breach our policy. The problem here is, the policy calls for immediate perma ban from any staff or clan member position.

And here is what most of you don't know. I've given so much time into this community, most of you wouldn't even dare to compare it with your own. I've kept this clan fun and active to the best of my ability for 4 years now. Leading this clan has brought my social life down to 1 friend, Spartan, who I haven't even spoken to in months due to his boarding school issues. I rarely go out to do stuff. Just a couple weeks ago I went to see Terminator Salvation by myself. No friends to accompany me.

This is because of how dearly I care about this community. You cannot fathom how much I love it as a whole. And this is why I can't be demoted or permanently banned from it. I've put so many man hours into keeping it up and active over the years which is why my real life is so dull. What I haven't done to the community in terms of creativity, I've paid for in the day to day life I've lived through in bring fun and activity to UV.

This is why I don't want to be removed. This whole situation with kyle and mulletman has been thrown way out of proportion, but what I've stated here is pure fact. This is the first time I've ever giving someone private information to another person. It was an isolated event that will never happen again.

Another thing I would like to make known, recently a lot of people have been claiming that I use the community's money to buy stuff for myself. I don't know how this rumor started, but it's just not true. The account is in my name and therefore no one else is allowed to see it. I love this clan too much to dumb down so low as to steal money from it. I've never done such a thing in my life.

I've given screenshots to people who want them and I announce the balance values from time to time to Coin. There is no more need to spread out any information. Going back to the personal policy I broke, I'll let you guys know that I had already known Kyle's mom's name from awhile ago during a conversation on ventrilo in which he told me. This was even before Kyle ever used his mom's PayPal to buy admin. The fact is I didn't get the name from her PayPal, I got it from Kyle. Secondly I've known Kyle's last name from when he still displayed it in his Xfire profile when you go to add a friend. This has now been changed to Esoovac or something similar.

I apologize for my rudeness to you Kyle and calling your decision to leave QQing. I wasn't thinking clearly when I was speaking with mulletman over Xfire, so I'm sorry if you feel exposed because of my actions.

Going back to Mulletman, I'd have to say that the majority of the issue at hand was my fault, but he is the one to blame if your information was spread, which I doubt even was. If you're mad at me, you should be mad at me. A lot of people are mad at me for the stupid actions I made on ventrilo the other night. I irresponsibly afforded Mulletman your Mom's name. From there he used it to have people call you. That which I had no part in. I'm sorry it ended up happening to you.

A final word I'd like to leave you all with, this is the first slip up I've had in a LONG time with giving out anyone's personal information. I've had a strict policy about keeping personal information concealed from the public's eye. I feel I've done a pretty good job of it for the past 2 years that people have been providing their names while signing up for admin or making a donation. This was the first and last time a situation like this will ever occur. While I don't swear it, I clearly mean it.

Sorry I've put you guys through two days of unnecessary drama, the likes of which have forced 3 people to leave the clan. I hope that will be it and the drama will begin to die down.

Nothing like this is ever going to happen again. From now on I'm going to be much more sensitive and serious when it comes to taking account for my actions.

These are the facts. Anything else that doesn't line up with what I've written above is nothing more than a lie, a rumor, or just some extra unneeded drama waiting to happen.

I'm sorry to all parties involved, including the JCS for the trouble they've had to deal with an upset community. I meant no harm to anyone. I hope you all can come to forgive me for my actions.

- P2

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this makesm me lol he has no friends lmfao becus of this he lost 5 members already this is fucking luzly now lets wait for them to bring themselfs down

p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created Smokezganja

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p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created Empty Re: p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created

Post  Ep1dem1c on Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:39 pm

Alright, so I haven't been really close with the clan as a whole for the past few weeks, and I know that. But with all of the trolls and everything on the forums and the clan itself, the recent drama is nothing but a sign of more to follow. I share the same values as everyone leaving; I want no more of all of the trolling and all of the jerkoffs. This clan, not just the drama, but the changes in the administration, were far from the best interest of the clan. This is NOT the UV I signed on to roll with. Because of that, I am leaving, and want no more to do with this sinking ship of a clan.

P.S. - P2, I have 100+ hours in 2 weeks, and I am on my computer all of the time. I still have time for 3 hours of football a day, a great social life and a great girlfriend. Your "commitment" to the clan has no effect on your social life or lack thereof.

- The Boss

p2 qqing and begging not to be banned about sum major bullshit he created Bleh2

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