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Admins Steam Names

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Admins Steam Names Empty Admins Steam Names

Post  Cobalt on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:35 am

If you are in need of an admin in the server(s), please add one or more of these people to your friends list. It may be a good idea to add them when you join the clan, so they are there on your list when you need them. You can also join our temp. vent server, which you can find down near the bottom of the forum. There are usually at least 2-3 admins in there, me, infamous, and mark.

InFaMouS UnDeaD.......infamousundead
PEDO/GANJABEAR........jayboii478----(markhoppus on forums)

I will obviously update this page later with all of them.

Admins, feel free to post your steam names, so i can add them to the list. Please note this is not the name on your friends list, it is your account name. That is what you use to add people.

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Admins Steam Names If7wg4

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Admins Steam Names Empty Re: Admins Steam Names

Post  Ep1dem1c on Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:05 pm

Mine - SlicksAndPlasma and yes, the capital letters do matter.

Admins Steam Names Bleh2

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